Læringsfellesskap i matematikk / Learning Communities i Mathematics

Forfattere: Barbara Jaworski, Anne B. Fuglestad, Raymond Bjuland, Trygve Breiteig, Simon Goodchild, Barbro Grevholm

During the period January 2004 to December 2007, teachers from 8 schools and a didactician team from Agder University, Norway have worked together to develop mathematics learning and teaching in school classrooms in Agder. Two research and development projects have been involved, both supported with funding from the Research Council of Norway (Norges forskningsråd) in their special programme Kunnskap, Utdanning og Læring (KUL ? Knowledge, Education and Learning). These projects, Learning Communities in Mathematics (LCM) and ICT in Mathematics Learning (ICTML) have broken new ground in research collaboration.

The fundamental goal of the projects has been to enhance knowledge and to promote better learning opportunities for pupils in mathematics. The projects have been based in a theoretical perspective of inquiry communities, in which participants inquire into practice in mathematics, in designing mathematics teaching, and in researching processes of learning and teaching. Both teachers and didacticians have been seen as researchers in the projects. Both have contributed to writing this book where some chapters are in Norwegian and some in English. All sections have an introduction in both languages. It is our intention and hope that through reading this book the reader will gain insights into ideas and issues related to developmental research in mathematics learning and teaching as they have emerged through our work in these projects.

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Læringsfellesskap i matematikk / Learning Communities i Mathematics